A Night in Lyon

Where to spend the loveliest night

As a wedding planner working originally from Lyon I ought to show you the best hotel rooms to enjoy a view of The Rhône in the best conditions. Discover our top 3 places to stay in the world’s capital of gastronomy!

Located in the historical Hôtel Dieu is the Intercontinental, this iconic establishment wears a subtle modern look to guide you through symmetry and history in finely decorated rooms. Do not miss Hermès silk or gold leafed paintings by Manuela Paul-Cavalier. But the true attraction will be the Dôme, a fantastic city hub offering internationally flavored drinks in the heart of the Hôtel Dieu, because the trip is also made of human encounters! METTRE LIEN VERS SITE D EL’HOTEL 

Roman Holidays in the old city of Lyon: travel through time and history with Villa Maia. Marrying Italian modernity with roman architecture this villa offers serenity in their garden or relaxation at their baths followed by a meal lyonnais with a traditional menu celebrating French cuisine. Villa Maia is a unique experience vitalizing a touristic stop in Lyon. 

Ready to fly off the sky of the city? Let’s stop at the Radisson Blue, it’s time to admire Lyon from above while enjoying a contemporary architecture in the busy 3° arrondissement. This is the perfect spot to walk from and discover the famous attractions of Lyon such as the Vieux Lyon, the Croix Rousse or the market at the Halles Paul Bocuse where you’ll have the opportunity to try local products and get a taste of a French market atmosphere.

Lyon is full of different styles, historic inspirations and architecture, offering a place to stay for every taste. The only thing you can’t miss is the food, so get your knives and forks and let’s feast in our capital of gastronomy!

With Love – Coline