L'Art de la Table

Some Insights on properly dressing a table

Setting a table might not be an easy task. You have to take in consideration the menu as well as the service you’d like for your reception. Let us give you a few insights on how to dress a proper table for a majestic wedding night.

First, are you rooting for the French or the British? This has all to do with cutlery, your caterer should know the different styles and take care of that for you, but do you know what the main difference is? In Medieval France, forks, spoons and knives were put facing the table to show the armoiries seal engraved on the back of the silver cutlery to show its family property whereas in England the seal was on the front. 

If you fancy having your own family mark it is actually possible to engrave your wedding tablewarein boutique such as Degrenne.

The second important thing for your wedding feast is the service. Wether the waiters and waitresses serve your à table, with plate or with the meals, or wether you put up a banquet it is an important dimension to consider. It might affect the rhythm of the meal or give it a sophisticated touch. But don’t sweat it and discuss it with your wedding planner whom will guide you according to your wedding ambiance.

And finally, the rules are meant to be broken! Play with your tableware, mix the color and the style, vintage colored glasses for modern plates and embroidered napkins? Go for it! You are what make your wedding unique and memorable, don’t be afraid to plan it by your rules and tastes (along with your partner’s! Of course!).

I hope this post made you a little more curious about ways to dress a table and that it triggered your creativity!

With Love – Coline