Wedding Intimacy

Bride & Groom secret outfit

Plunge with us in this laces and silk voyage! Your weddings is composed of many aspects, you might often feel overwhelmed by the amount of things to plan and organise, and we’re adding one more! But this time its for your own and unique please, to share with your futur mr. or mrs, have you thought of your wedding lingerie?

  1. Find a confortable enough model that won’t make your think about it during your long wedding day and that won’t be seen through your clothes
  2. Be careful when choosing the color for the same discretion under your clothes, many nude bridal underwear options exists and in many shades, you can often find them in a wedding dress or tailor shop.
  3. Treat yourself! It’s the occasion to buy this special piece you’ve been eyeing for years or to get a high quality made piece! And if you didn’t find the right one yet, you can count on your wedding planner to guide your through this discreet search for wedding underwear!

We’ve got your back on every aspect of your wedding !

With Love – Coline


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