An Enchanted Christmas Dinner

Our x-mas dinner party planning

After our sophisticated Halloween dinner we thought it was time to renew the chic dinner party for Christmas! Follow us for an enchanted night that your guest will talk about until next Christmas! 

Firstly, if cooking is not one of your talents or if you simply want to enjoy the night as fully as the guest, we recommend hiring a home chef for a three course dinner worthy of Michel Sarran cuisine. And with the cook comes the service, enjoy this special night and hire a butler to take care of you and your guests.

Let’s go back to the beginning, how to welcome your guests? We suggest, one of many, a signature cocktail! What you’ll need for a Mrs. Claus: 2 ounces of cranberry juice, 2 ounces whiskey or Bourbon and half a tablespoon of rosemary syrup, shake vigorously and serve cold. Finally add a cinnamon stick or decorate with some holly and leaves. 

Have you thought of a specific decor for this party? Wether you turn to a traditional Christmas decor or want to go wild with a Scandinavian aesthetic, British kitsch or a Canadian trip your Event Designer will know how to pull it up to the next level and make sure no one will forget about it! Lights, greenery and flowers, candles or vintage carpet, we’ve got what you need and can create tailor-made walls and sculptures!

What’s a party without ambiance? Other than a private DJ or a choir we would also suggest a personalized escape room fitted to your theme and party. This game will seal the uniqueness of this dinner party!

Merry Christmas to all our new & future Mr. & Mrs. !

– With Love, Coline