Signature Cocktail Collection: Ginny Gin Gin

A new collection for your tastebuds

During this slowed down pandemic period we needed some colorful and exciting perspectives and as Summer is coming we truly cannot wait to go back to celebrations and drinking fresh cocktails with our closest guests!
As we have a big passion for cocktails we decided to introduce our Signature Cocktail Collection to keep you thirsty all year long and inspired for your own wedding bar! Stick with us for a monthly recipe!

Today our first recipe comes from Sarah Elliott: Ginny Gin Gin
Fresh garden notes with dried chamomile flowers come enhancing this honey and lemon juice. To balance this sweet taste add some Gin and citrus.

To keep this cocktail truly signature we suggest renaming it with your spouse name such as Clara Gin Gin or Ginny Thomas, keep your guests entertained and share with us your ideas!