An Eco Friendly Wedding

Eco-friendly solutions for a lovely wedding

As an eco-friendly wedding agency we would like to introduce a few advices on planning an environmentally respectful wedding. It always comes down to how things are produced, brought and thrown away. 

Our first exemple comes with tableware, if you are contemplating a small easy wedding with plastic cups and cutlery we would advise to go for a paper alternative, but the best choice really is: renting the tableware. Porcelain and other long-lasting materials produce less pollution by being brought by your local caterer or rented by the venue than washed and taken care of by them, this means a local shipment but more importantly: zero waste.

Our second advice deals with flowers. Flower won’t ever be 100% eco-friendly for several reasons, but you can lower your impact by making very easy choices. Choose a local production of flowers, preferably one that helps ad respect bugs and bees. If that is too expensive for your wedding budget you can choose flowers according to your season, that way the production of the selected species was done outdoors and preferably in a region near you. For exemple choosing orchids for a winter wedding will lead to shipping them from another country, probably on the south hemisphere, which leads to a non eco-friendly shipment. But more importantly local and seasonal flowers will make you save money, because they require less efforts to get to your big day!

We hope our eco-conscious vision can be part of your wedding and make it a full about-love day with lowered impact on your environment!

With Love – Coline