Are your Hands ready to get Married?

A hand care guide

Skincare routine and make up, as well as hairstyle are rarely forgotten for the big day, but have you thought about your hands? And it doesn’t only concern the bride, but the groom too. After all your hands will play a big part during the day and will have a major role in pictures because of your weddings rings. 

Here’s our three tips for beautiful hands on your wedding day:

1. Routine moisturize & exfoliate: if you don’t already it’s a good idea to exfoliate the skin of your hands on a weekly basis, unless you have dry skin try it every two weeks. Following this it’s even more important to moisturize on a daily basis with basic hand cream. No need for harsh perfume or any miraculous promised “effects”. Coco or Almond oil are your best bets on the matter, natural and pretty simple.

2. Manucure: the week before the wedding try having a full hand manucure, it will clean the around-the-nail area making your fingers softer. For our future Mrs. why not try nail art or a bridal nail polish color. It’s a good occasion to pimp those nails! But be careful, go with something you’re confortable with and that won’t break easily while you dance your shoes off of the wedding dance floor!

3. Mask: on the morning of the wedding have a hand mask, pretty easy to find, they usually only require 5 minutes, that might be a good moment to take a deep breath and relax before the rush.

Dear future Mr. & Mrs. get ready to get those beautiful hands photographed!

With Love – Coline