Our Fall Aesthetic

What colors for Autumn 2019?

Our favorite season has finally come to us! As autumn lovers we couldn’t pass the chance to write about it and how it triggers our creativity! The autumn colors make for an incredibly cosy and whimsical wedding atmosphere. See the palette we came up with and how they apply to a fall wedding.

Time to Warm up Your Guests with this recipe!

This fall ambiance needs to be accompanied by our signature drink, coming right from a cold but jovial Greenwich village farmers market! 

Hot Spiced Cider to warm your guest:

Boil 8 cups of apple cider with a 1/4 brown sugar in which you’ll add, in a cotton cloth, the spices you chose, preferably cinnamon, cloves and allspices, a teaspoon of each. Our secret addition: orange peels! Around ten minutes of boiling should be necessary. Remove the spices bag and serve hot! For a complete cider aesthetic add round apple slices.

Time to let your guests enjoy your autumn beverage!

With Love – Coline