Wedding Dog

Fluffy Best Friend

How to include your pet at your wedding

Our pets can have an important place or role in our life as they are a complete part of the household. So what would make more sense than to include them in your wedding day!

First of all, you’ll have to designate or hire a dog sitter. They will take care and lead your fluffy best friend for the day while you enjoy the party! Make sure to check with your venue if they allow dogs.

Now let’s get down to our main aim: how to properly include them?

The most popular answer is: as a ring bearer! We suggest giving the ring to your dog sitter as it would require some training otherwise. But you can dress your dog in many ways! A floral crown on collar, a tie matching the groom attire or a velvet ribbon matching the bride, be creative (in a doggo-safe way!).
If your dog is well behaved or ok to be sitting for a long period of time you could consider having it as a best man sitting at your side during the ceremony.
You could also include your pet during the processional. Before or after the children of honor, it’s always a cute surprise for your guests!

What about the party?
During the welcome drinks or cocktail hour make sure to keep out a fresh bowl of water and some treats. You could even order special treats for the occasion such as homemade dog biscuits!
Afterwards we suggest letting your best friend go home to rest or play at home. It might be a long day for them and it can be quite stressful seeing the crowd getting more active throughout the night!

We hope to see a lot more of cute and fluffy creature in your events! In the meantime enjoy our dear Pearly during our latest styled shoot collaboration!

– With Love, Coline