Hogwarts Love

Accio Harry Potter Wedding

You thought we were too old to enjoy some Harry Potter wedding stationery? Wrong! What a better time than autumn to dive into a wizardly vintage look?

And because Ron is our king he was the main inspiration for this wedding set. Using colors from the Gryffindor palette such as deep woody red, black, gold and parchemin “white” we created this dress code tag. Not necessarily popular, the dress code helps you get a harmonized ambiance on the wedding pictures and it might also help the eternal conflicted fashion guests who obsess on what to where on your big day.

And because seating chart are a touchy subject we came up with a sweet escort card to personalized with a custom stamp bearing you and your spouse initials. 

To complete this set don’t forget to make your envelope match the Ron Weasley tone with this watercolor Hogwarts express illustration!

Hope on with us to this harry potter wedding theme!

With Love – Coline