Our Favorite Guest Favor

A handy list to thank your guests

What is the most fun at a wedding? The surprises, the whole program each guest discovers along the day. And the most delicate and subtle touch finds its way in the favors!

Have you thought about your guests favors? Here is our top 4 ideas to let people know how grateful you are of their presence:

Culinary specialities such as olive oil, pink salt or lemonade made in your venue region are always a well chosen souvenir for you guests travelling to the Wedding
For a fun mini souvenir we suggest mini champagne bottle or handmade liquor
What about some greenery? Seeds or succulent or mini flower bouquets is a never ending trend
Let’s go in the useful category: have you thought about sunglasses, fans or blankets?

Do not forget that packaging and customization of your gift makes it truly unique and strongly connected to your wedding. Boxes, ribbons or tags are the perfect accessories to packaging wedding favors!

Check out our Pinterest guest favors board for more ideas!

PS: Do not forget our youngest guest and try making a gift basket for them to enjoy through the night while mommy and daddy are busy dancing!

With Love, Coline