How to thank your bridesmaid ?

Our Suggestions in honor of Enia

This week we wanted to honor one of the best “assistant” we got this winter. Our lovely bridesmaid Enia was such an angel, so helpful and thoughtful towards the bride so we decided to write a whole post on how to thank those devoted bridesmaids!

First let’s remember our top 3 rules to keep your bridesmaid in good faith:
Don’t give her the “annoying” tasks, give the hard work to your wedding planner first and see what is best fitted to your birdesmaid
Let her be invested in the domains she likes, a fashionista will want to assist you on dress shopping whereas a foodie would be super happy to try the menu with your caterer
Keep the limits clear: the to-be weds are in charge, some help and advices from bridesmaid are always welcome but opinions are to be taken with a pinch of salt, don’t forget whose wedding it is!

Now let’s go back to the fun part: how to properly thank them for their hard work and support:
We suggest a box full of gifts, this is the perfect choice to mix each of your bridesmaid tastes and passions in life, it allows to be creative with how you fill it. Wether she’s a make up addict, a party animal, a food or a cozy kind of gal you’ll be able to make the perfect gift box, visit our Pinterest for more ideas!
To add a thoughtful touch make a custom package with her name on a tag, embroidered on an eye mask or painted on a water bottle!

Have fun and don’t forget to thank your bridesmaid for her support!

– With Love, Coline