An Old Timey Top 5 Registry Items

A short list of trendy must-have items!

This week we picked 5 must have items as newlyweds! As you noticed we’re pretty fond of lists, that’s the true spirit of an event planner!

  1. SMEG Toaster, it’s iconic 50’s design and pastel design. This one is a kitchen luxury but it does go well with your interior
  2. By Spode, ths amazing boutique creates unique vintage eclectic tableware for a true Jane Austen experience at dinner. Discover the shop here @by_spode.
  3. The Fine Cotton Company is here to provide the nuptial bedroom with the silkiest and finest bed linen. This is a must have items as new Mr. & Mrs.
  4. Navigate, this brand is a little bit different, less necessary but a lot of family fun: a complete deluxe picnic baskets for the most romantic afternoons.
  5. Diptyque, if you don’t already know them, they are the scent, the atmosphere, the thing your guest will remember when visiting your home. Those iconic candles will seduce you for you, find them here @diptyque.

We shared our favorite items for our traditional registry kind of future brides & grooms!

With Love – Coline