Wedding Dessert

Our Favorite Subject

My favorite part of weddings, as a guest, is always the vows during the ceremony and the intricate details of the text and the weds bond.
But right after that on the list comes: the desserts ! And I’m not talking about the famously pretty but non-tasty wedding cake. Rather I’d like to talk about pastries, sweets and croquembouche!

Croquembouche is the traditional wedding dessert from France, but its true origine is the Pièce Montée. A sweet masterpiece truly like by each and every guest. But traditions deserve to meet modernism and creativity, here is our top 4 list of alternative pièce montée for a truly sophisticated and tasty wedding:

the Madeleine pièce montée, the soft and sweet mixed with flavors such as lemon, vanilla, caramel or spices
Glazed Donuts, an infinite range of flavors and colors to match your wedding
Macarons, the sophistication combined with gourmandise
Fruits such as fresh strawberries and strawberries dipped in chocolate for a fun eating dessert

With this list we trust you to be inspired and create a whole new and tasty pièce montée at your wedding!
Bon Appétit !

– With Love, Coline